Virtual Higher Education College

What can VHEC provide me with?

We offer instructor-led online programs as well as in-house programs. We give students like yourself the flexibility to learn virtually from anywhere at your own pace. We have a range of programs covering recognized University's syllabus.

Who are the trainers at VHEC?

We have selected recognized trainers with years of academic and industry experience. Our Instructor led live online courses will be handled by seasoned professionals who are working in leading organizations.

What is the difference between in-class and pre-recorded video sessions ?

Pre-recorded sessions only allow for one way communication between the trainers and the learners. You can only listen to the training session, but cannot ask queries/doubts from the instructor. These courses give you the flexibility to learn from virtually anywhere. In-class lectures however allow for two way feedback. The instructor can ask you questions and gather your feed back and vice versa. Our in-class lectures also involve a lot of interactivity with emphasis on helping you apply what you've learned in real life situations. These may include roleplays conducted in class.

Can I take my training sessions irrespective of my location?

Yes absolutely, you can take the Online training programs from virtually anywhere ! This comes with the advantage of flexibility, since you are learning at your own pace and in your own time !

What are the payment modes available with VHEC?

We encourage you to make a direct deposit to VHEC’s account at any Commercial Bank location.

Via the mCash platform using a Mobitel or Etisalat mobile phone