Virtual Higher Education College

What are the system specifications needed for accessing all live Online classroom lectures?

Candidates planning on accessing the online lectures should own computers with the following minimum requirements : Intel Pentium 4 2GHz processor (CPU).
A Graphics Card and 256MB of available system memory (RAM).

What internet speed is required to attend the online live sessions?

In order to stream content without issues, we ask that you make sure your internet connection meets these requirements:
1.5 Mb/s to stream standard definition content
2 Mb/s for viewing standard definition video (480p)
3 Mb/s for 720p high-def videos
6 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content

Do you also provide any reading/study material?

In addition to the class videos, you may also recieve books, cd's, power point presentations and PDF files.

How long till i have access to my Online course material?

After you have register with us, you will recieve an invitation email with your access pass. This could take upto 24 hours to process.